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Tanking a cellar

Tanking a cellar involves applying a barrier on the cellar wall to prevent moisture ingress. Cellar tanking is a common method of waterproofing a cellar and has been successfully applied to properties up and down the UK.

For a long time, tanking was the go-to solution for cellars that were unusable due leaks and associated damp problems. The use of waterproof cement to tank the cellar not only held back any water ingress but left a smooth, seamless finish that provided a blank canvas for any paint or decoration the user had in mind.

Despite all the advantages that tanking a cellar can offer, using a cement barrier to waterproof an underground space can be problematic in certain circumstances.

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Type A cementitious waterproof tanking

Problems tanking a cellar

Cellars can be vulnerable to the property settling, vibrations in the ground, or extreme hydrostatic pressure from water in surrounding earth. These pressures can cause cracks and leaks in the tanking.

A professional surveyor could asses if tanking is suitable or if an alternative method of waterproofing is more appropriate.

Alternatives to tanking a cellar

When a qualified Peter Cox Surveyor visits a property where cellar tanking has failed they will often advise their client to protect their cellar with a water management system. Where tanking puts up a physical barrier to any water entering the cellar, a water management system will collect any water ingress, direct it into a drainage system and channel out of the cellar via gravity or to a sump pump that will remove the water safely. These internal waterproofing systems are hidden from view behind finished walls and underneath finished floors making them an ideal solution for domestic basement conversion.

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