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Basement tanking

Tanking is either a bitumen or cementitious form of basement waterproofing that has been applied to basements, cellars and other underground spaces for decades.

Tanking was developed to hold back hydrostatic pressure from the earth surrounding the basement level of a property. Without tanking, underground walls would often become damp or leak.

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How does basement tanking work?

The basic principle of tanking involves the application of a waterproof cement or slurry to the basement walls. The tanking will ultimately provide a smooth surface, which is aesthetically pleasing and provides protection from moisture ingress and subsequent damp problems. 

For tanking to work it must be applied to stable and sound substrates. There also has to be exceptional attention paid to weak points in the space, such as the wall to floor joint. When a qualified team has applied a professional tanking installation, it should be watertight and leave you with a dry space ready for practical use.

Type A cementitious waterproof tanking

What is cementitious tanking

Cementitious tanking systems are often referred to as “Type A” waterproofing systems. Type A is an industry term that comes from BS8102 (the British Standards Institute’s recommendations for structural waterproofing).

This form of waterproofing creates a barrier to moisture ingress but does not actively remove any water.

When basement tanking is not appropriate

There are occasions when tanking is not the appropriate solution. This could be because the risk of leakage is high and the end use of the space requires a completely dry environment. They are not an appropriate solution for use on listed buildings.

  • New builds where the property is expected to “settle”
  • Property subsidence
  • Underground vibrations from a railway line, underground or busy road

If tanking is not an option, or your current tanking has failed due to reasons above, then there are other basement waterproofing methods that could be a better fit.

What basement tanking system is right for you?

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