Cavity drainage membrane saves derelict stables

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Cavity drainage membrane saves derelict stables

Architect: Keith Warth, Cambridge

Main Contractor: N B Clark, Morpeth

In a highly unusual use of Delta PT cavity drainage membrane, Peter Cox completed a contract to line out stabling as part of the conversion of derelict farm buildings into a premier racehorse breeding and training facility in Northumberland.

How Peter Cox Solved the Problem

The original plan was to fix expanded metal mesh and then render the random sandstone walls, but Peter Cox feared that in time this would lead to disfiguring rust staining. Instead an alternative specification was proposed using studded polyethylene cavity drainage membrane to hold back the moisture and contaminants in the walls which were thoroughly saturated after years of neglect.

A test panel successfully passed a severe hammer test by the supervising architect who was then able to commission the revised specification. The joints were first raked out to get a firm key and then the walls dubbed out with a preliminary coat of sand and cement containing Peter Cox's Drywall salt retardant additive.

The Delta PT membrane with integral mesh lining was then installed and rendered with 3 sand/cement/lime coats each 6-7mm thick. In total 444 sq.m. of membrane was installed with expansion joints at measured intervals which subsequently will connect to the stable partitions. A coat of masonry paint will complete the wall lining.

Peter Cox also installed a silane damp course to over 400 linear metres of walling throughout the courtyard complex. This was injected from both sides of the stone walls which varied between 450 and 560mm in thickness.

Other work included injecting timber wall plates and imbedded lintels with a boron based preservative followed by surface spraying of dual purpose fungicide/insecticide.

The complex - for a private owner – includes stabling for 30 horses, full exercise and medical facilities and an equine swimming pool.

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