Basement Floor Drainage

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Basement floor drainage

Basement floor drainage will channel any moisture ingress away from a basement as part of basement waterproofing system. This type of drainage is designed to eliminate the blockage and maintenance problems associated traditional external drainage systems such as a French drains, while offering an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to damp problems in spaces below ground level.

At Peter Cox, our experienced and qualified surveyors will determine the ideal basement floor drainage solution for your property.

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How basement floor drainage systems work

Our high quality, modern basement floor drainage systems work in tandem with other waterproofing systems in the floor and wall of the basement. Combined, these waterproofing systems provide a practical water management systems that will suit most basement conversions.

The basement floor drainage offered by Peter Cox will capture any water ingress at the most common point of entry - the floor and wall joint along with any water collected by our wall waterproofing systems.

Our basement floor drainage systems are also designed to be hidden from view. This means they can fit seamlessly with a basement that is being renovated for domestic living.

Benefits of basement floor drainage

The main benefits of basement floor drainage are:

  • Ease of installation compared to exterior waterproofing
  • More affordable compared to exterior waterproofing
  • Simple to maintain
  • No risk of drainage clogging from soil or debris from outside
  • Hidden from view in a finished basement
  • Effective and inconspicuous

Drainage: part of a complete water management system

Basement floor drainage is important, but it is not the only waterproofing product that Peter Cox install to ensure a waterproof basement. Find out more about the wall waterproofing and sump pumps that work alongside basement floor drainage to complete a water management system.

Peter Cox: basement floor drainage professionals

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Our team will be able to answer any of your questions or arrange for one of qualified waterproofing surveyors to pay your property a visit and offer their help and advice.

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