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FREE CPD Certified E-Learning

As a completely free supplement to our CPD seminars you will receive access to ‘myLearning’ our unique CPD certified e-learning platform, allowing you to work on your self-development, professionalism and CPD qualifications in your own time.

Our interactive online learning portal offers easy access to relevant, topical information to help you and your staff understand and manage all possible property related problems. The topics explain exactly what you need to look for, why you need to be vigilant and what to do if you suspect any issues. Once you have completed a section you can then print out your CPD certificate as evidence of your success, so get in touch to discuss this unique online Continuing Professional Development opportunity by requesting a call back below or continue reading to find out more about myLearning.

Comprehensive range of preservation topics

The myLearning platform consists of sixteen modules covering a comprehensive range of property issues and problems.

The user then works their way through each twenty minute module towards a short test at the end of the course. Upon passing the test you can then print off your CPD Certification Service verified certificate.

  • Damp Control

    A refresher on the different factors behind dampness in walls.

    - How to test for damp
    - High ground levels
    - High ground levels – solution Type A Systems
    - High ground levels – potential solutions Type C Systems
    - Types of damp
    - Moisture profiling
    - Potential solutions to lateral rainwater solutions
    - Potential solutions to rising damp
    - Potential solutions to condensation

  • Masonry Stabilisation and Structural Reinforcement

    The history of wall ties and BS1243

    -Extent of the wall tie corrosion problem in the UK.
    -Best surveying practice and BRE Digest 401 to visually grade the wall tie condition.
    -Practical solutions to replace corroded ties, crack stitching, lintel creation and consolidating weak masonry with grout inflated anchors.

  • Woodworm / Dry Rot Update – Including Resin Repairs

    Main species of wood boring insects and wood rotting fungi                                                                                                                          

    -Their individual characteristics
    -Correct identification and the latest survey and treatment methods
    -The use of resins to repair large section timbers

  • Condensation Control and Air Quality

    Managing air humidity, air temperature and wall surface temperature.

    -How condensation and mould is formed.
    -How to deal with Condensation and moulds.
    -Whole house ventilation units and heat exchange fans

  • Bird Control and Deterrence

    The need for bird deterrence measures

    -The problems infestation causes
    -Health risks
    -Reviews current bird deterrent techniques
    -Need for bird fouling clearance and site sanitisation

  • Waterproofing to BS8102

    Reviews the 3 Types of Waterproofing (Type A, Type B and Type C)

    -3 Grades of Protection in below ground spaces.
    -Explore the recent changes made by the Premier Insurance and the NHBC and their Guarantee specifically to waterproofing in 'new-build' basements
    -Changes to Chapter 5.4 of their Technical Guidance Docs

Benefits of myLearning CPD platform

The myLearning platform is favoured by property professionals across a wide range of industries such as Architects, Building surveyors and Structural Engineers because it allows you to work in your own time and at your own pace while keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date. Some of the benefits of the platform are:

  • Save money - We provide you with access to our online portal for no additional charge once you book a CPD seminar.

  • Flexibility - learning can be done at a time, place and pace that suits you. Downtime at work, organised 'learning periods' or working at home, there are many possibilities as our courses are available 24/7. Learners are not pressured to 'keep up' or conversely feel that they are waiting for the 'stragglers' as they can dictate their own pace.

  • Evidence - downloadable certificates provide evidence of learning and assessment success.

  • Up-to-date - training course materials are detailed, accurate and relevant. All our e-learning training courses are always up-to-date: as legislation changes so do the relevant references within the training course. You don't need to do anything as the amendments are applied automatically.

  • Employability - Shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism. CPD enables students to stand out when applying for jobs. Undertaking CPD training in any topic is a way of showing commitment to your development.

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