Typical signs of woodworm including exit holes, powdery dust and signs of bettle activity

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Woodworm treatment in Cardiff

Peter Cox have been treating woodworm in properties in South Wales for decades. Our qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians can offer the best woodworm treatment plans available and a long term guarantee for complete peace of mind.

To find out what Peter Cox can do for your proerty continue reading this page for a case study detailing a woodworm survey and treatment we did in Penarth, just outside Cardiff. Alternatively, if you want one of our experts to survey your property for woodworm today then click the button below to book a survey online. 

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Woodworm survey in Cardiff

Located in the Vale of Glamorgan, a home in Penarth was suffering from a suspected woodworm infestation.The homeowner called out a local Surveyor from Peter Cox to conduct a thorough timber survey. Properties across Penarth, Cardiff and South Wales are susceptible to woodworm infestations, with the woodworm season generally between April and September. Woodworm can cause damage to all types of timber in a property, from floor boards and window frames to structural timbers in the loft, and even furniture.

With any survey carried out by Peter Cox, the Surveyor first started with an external investigation in order to understand the condition of the roof and guttering to make sure moisture isn’t entering the internal property. The surveyor then moved into the loft space where the homeowner had noticed signs of a woodworm infestation. Key signs of a recent woodworm infestation in timber include fresh holes the woodworm larvae have bored out to the surface and the existence of fine dust known as ‘frass’ which indicates a recent infestation.

The most common type of woodworm in Wales, and across the UK is the Common Furniture Beetle which accounts for about 75% of all woodworm damage, and it will attack both softwood and hardwood.

Woodworm can affect all types of properties and premises across Cardiff and South Wales and if you think you may have a problem you should book a survey for a trained professional to take a look. Woodworm infestations can take years to develop and may go unnoticed if you do not enter the attic much. Fresh woodworm holes showing frass in emergence holes or on surfaces indicate recent 'active' infestation, meaning that the insect emerged in the last 2 years.

Woodworm treatment in Cardiff

Once the homeowner received the report outlining the surveyors' findings and work recommendations they booked in specialist Peter Cox technicians to carry out the woodworm treatment.

Depending on the extent of the infestation and the damage to structural timber, the treatment process can vary. If there is significant damage to timber, this may need to be cut back and replaced with new timber, with remaining timber sprayed with insecticide fluid to prevent any further infestation. In the case of this property the timber was in good condition so did not need to be replaced. The technicians prepared the surfaces and insecticidal fluid was applied to the exposed areas. Any insulation blocking the affected areas would be lifted and relayed to allow for the treatment process.

Timber treatments carried out by Peter Cox come with a long-term guarantee of 20 years offering the homeowner peace of mind the outbreak would not return, and it can also be passed over to new homeowners if the property is sold.

Comments from our Cardiff surveyor

The local surveyor said “I've been surveying properties with suspected woodworm problems for years, and generally signs of frass, boreholes and woodworm tunnelling indicate an active woodworm infestation. If you think you have a problem it's always best to get a trained professional to take a look at it, if there's serious damage to structural timber this may need to be replaced. Thankfully this job wasn’t too bad and an insecticide treatment was all that was necessary.”

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