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Wall Stabilisation in Newcastle

Properties across Newcastle upon Tyne are susceptible to wall tie issues, especially in coastal areas such as South Shields. The salty air can cause wall ties to rust which can cause structural issues, and means new wall ties need to be installed. If the outer leaf of brickwork is not connected to the inner leaf, the brickwork could pose a safety hazard.

The homeowner in South Shields suspected there was a wall stabilisation issue in their property and called out one of our specialists to carry out a survey from the Peter Cox Newcastle branch.

Cause of Bowing or Bulging Walls

As always the survey began with an external examination of the property. The surveyor found evidence of outwards bowing brickwork on the front of the property between the upper and lower windows.

Holes were then drilled into the mortar in order to assess the condition of the wall ties, by viewing them with an endoscope. This inspection revealed that the property had no wall ties connecting the inner and outer leafs. Internally the issue could be seen inside as the window frame revealed a gap between the window and the outer brickwork as the brickwork bowed outwards due to lack of wall ties.

Structural Repairs in Newcastle Properties

Peter Cox have years of experience installing wall ties and structural repairs, and have dealt with thousands of properties across the UK with these issues.

From the surveyor inspection it was found that new wall ties would need to be installed to connect the brickwork, along with lateral restraints to secure the brickwork and prevent further bowing.

Peter Cox use stainless steel wall ties which are recommended by the Building Research Establishment, which is detailed in their guidelines, BRE Digest 401.

Once the survey was completed the surveyor designed a new pattern of wall ties to install, which are drilled into the brickwork connecting the inner and outer walls, with the drill holes then filled back in.

Two lateral restraints were also installed, drilled through the brickwork into the internal wooden floor joists. This prevents further outward movement of the brickwork, securing it.

Once the work has been completed the technicians will remove all debris and leave the site clean and tidy.

Wall tie installation in newcastle

Wall ties are installed around the window frame to prevent further bowing.

Local South Shield Surveyor Paul Armour

Local surveyor Paul Armour said “We regularly come across properties with wall tie issues in South Shields, whether it's the salty air causing them to rust and corrode, which in turn can cause horizontal cracking to the brickwork and internal plaster or whether there are sufficient ties installed originally. A lot of homeowners worry that the loose brickwork may pose a safety hazard, which is why they are keen to get the repairs done by Peter Cox. If you think you have a wall tie problem you should get a trained and qualified surveyor to take a look, and they can provide you with advice and recommendations”.

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Peter Cox structural repairs come with a 20 year guarantee, which offers you peace of mind and leaves you with a protected property. This guarantee can also be passed on to new owners if you move out.

If your property is experiencing problems with bowing or bulging external walls then get in touch with you local South Shields team for some expert help and advice.

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