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Structural Repairs In Hull

As part of the project to refurbish properties on the Bransholme estate Peter Cox were called in to help prepare properties for regeneration. The properties were to be given an external Thermal Render which is being installed to the existing outer leaf of brickwork on over 450 properties on the estate. This would help modernise the council owned properties in the estate.

Heating & Condensation problems in Bransholme Estate

With a significant amount of the properties built in the 1960s and 1970’s, Bransholme was one of the biggest council estates in the UK. However due to the construction and design of the properties within the estate some had issues relating to heating and condensation.

Due to the thermal render being installed on the outside of the properties, Peter Cox were called in to carry out structural repairs to make sure the brickwork could withstand the additional loads. The buildings are constructed of 70mm x 45mm internal timber frames with an 112mm outer leaf of brickwork, with ‘I’ shaped brackets fixed to the timbers. To make sure the new external render would be safe and secure, additional structural ties would be inserted attaching the inner timber frame to the outer brick. The render would then be attached to the brickwork.

installing wall ties in Hull

Pilot holes drilled through the brickwork to allow for the installation of the wall ties at Bransholme Estate.

Installing Remedial Wall Ties

This process is an adaptation of the usual structural repair service offered by Peter Cox, to fit the requirements of the architect. Peter Cox followed the architect's specification provided by Fortem, and Installed Helifix Dryfix ties at 450mm vertical centres into the battens to secure the outer and inner leafs. These ties carry a required load of 0.5Kn and tested to 1.5K. Once installed the ties were tested by Peter Cox technicians.

Peter Cox Hull Area Manager's Say

Tom Barber the Area Manager for Peter Cox Yorkshire said “Despite being a small part of a huge project, the work carried out by Peter Cox is essential to lay the groundwork for the refurbishment of the estate, while protecting residents through the installation of the structural wall ties. We were also happy to donate a climbing frame as part of the community project to renew the playground  in partnership with Fortem for Sutton Park Primary School.”

Hull re-rendered

The property after wall ties had been installed and refurbished,

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As of September 2021 Peter Cox has finished the work on over 350 properties within the Bransholme Estate, with another 100 to go.

If you are in the Hull or wider Yorkshire area and are concerned about the cracks in your external walls or render then get in touch with your local team for some expert help and advice.

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