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Diagnosing Rising Damp in Wakefield

After noticing a build up of damp stains and finding evidence of salts on the external wall of their property, the homeowners booked a full damp survey by a qualified surveyor from Peter Cox. The property is a typical terraced house common across Wakefield and Yorkshire, and the homeowner suspected that rising damp could be to blame.

Our locally based surveyor was very familiar with the building materials and housing stock across Wakefield, so was able to apply their expertise and familiarity with common damp problems in the area to diagnose the underlying problem straight away.

Finding Blocked Air Vents

From an initial external inspection the surveyor found that the air bricks used to provide ventilation to the sub floor voids had been blocked, it is essential that these are kept clear at all times. Some of the pointing on the brickwork also needed renewing, as this can lead to penetrating damp.

Internal Damp Inspection

Once the outside had been investigated, the surveyor inspected the inside of the property, finding evidence of visible moisture and dampness on the walls of the property, indicating a rising damp problem. Rising dampness is a common issue in properties across Yorkshire, it is a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by moisture rising  through walls in contact with the floor, through capillary action. As moisture rises up the wall, it will deposit soluble salts in the plaster as the moisture evaporates, causing damage to plasterwork and decorations.

Most masonry building materials can be subject to rising dampness and without a damp proof course the problem may persist, allowing the problem to return. Installing a new damp proof course will prevent further migration of moisture through the masonry, and a salt retardant plaster will prevent the existing salts in the wall migrating back through the new plaster.

The surveyor also took a look at the condition of the timber flooring to make sure no fungal decay had taken place due to the existence of moisture and lack of ventilation from the air bricks, however these were in a good condition with no need for repairs.

Once finished the surveyor put together a full report on all the issues found and recommendations for treatments, with the homeowner then booking in for the repairs and installation of a new damp proof course and replastering inside the property.

Signs of rising damp in wakefield property

Blocked Air Bricks & bubbling paintwork demonstrating a rising damp issue.

To prevent the rising damp from returning the experienced technicians from Peter Cox in Wakefield were called in to install a new damp proof course and replaster. To prevent as much mess and disturbance as possible to the internal works area dust sheets and floor protection is used. Then the technicians hack off the affected plasterwork, before installing the chemical damp proof course both internally and externally.
All internal plastering affected by rising damp would need to be removed and replaced as salts in the brickwork could migrate into new plasterwork. A salt retardant additive is used when applying the new plaster to prevent this salt migration, which could damage the internal finishes if not used.

Damp Treatment in Wakefield Guaranteed

Rising damp treatments carried out by the Peter Cox Yorkshire team come with a 20 year guarantee meaning you get peace of mind, and this can be passed on to new homeowners if you move.
Local surveyor Sam Walsh said “this was a typical rising damp problem you come across in a lot of terraced properties both in Wakefield and across Yorkshire. If the existing damp proof course has failed, or if one has never been installed moisture can rise up the masonry and damage internal plaster and decorations which can be very unsightly. Our technicians did a great job and the newly installed damp proof course will prevent the issue returning, and its backed by a long term guarantee”

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