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Basement Waterproofing in Aberdeen

Peter Cox in Aberdeen can provide Basement Wateproofing soltuons for properties all across North East Scotland. Our qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians can offer the right waterproofing instalation for your property and provide a long term guarantee for complete peace of mind.

As an illistration of what Peter cox can do for your basement continue reading this page for a case study detailing a damp proof membrane instalation we did in the centre of Aberdeen. Peter Cox also provide solutions for damp, rot and woodworm problems. If you want one of our experts to survey your property in Aberdeen today then click the button below to book a survey online.

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Damp Basement Survey

Peter Cox were called in to survey a suspected damp problem in the historic city centre of Aberdeen. Located on the North East coast of Scotland and at the mouth of the River Don, Aberdeen has numerous historic buildings throughout the city centre and is known for its widespread use of granite as a building material, gaining the local nickname ‘Granite City.’

The survey took place on a substantial stone building located within the historic Castlegate area of the city.

The surveyor began with an external survey, noticing the high ground levels in the shape of earth retaining walls affecting the basement area of the building. The surveyor also noted defective pointing to brickwork, which can also lead to penetrating damp from wind driven heavy rain, especially to properties close to the coast.

The main focus of the internal damp survey was in the internal area in the basement, where the high ground levels were located. The stone brickwork inside making up the interior of the basement was susceptible to moisture penetrating through from the ground outside, into the basement, causing damage to the internal decor.

damp damaged plaster in aberdeen basement

The Castlegate building in Aberdeen and a close up of the browjn damaged plaster in the basement from penetrating damp problems

Treatment process for penetrating damp

After a thorough examination of the affected area, the surveyor recommended a damp proof membrane installation to prevent the migration of moisture from the brickwork into the internal property.

Work was carried out by Peter Cox technicians who, before starting to minimise dust and debris, laid floor protection and sealed off doors, isolating the working areas. The damaged plasterboard and framing was removed along with the timber grounds. A waterproof slurry was applied to the wall and stair junctions before the installation of a dry lining membrane to all the exposed masonry and stonework. This creates a watertight barrier so the new plaster won't be affected by moisture ingress.

The area was then replastered and skirting was refitted, before the technicians left the site clean and tidy, so the area could be used again. The work carried out is backed by a long term guarantee, meaning the area is protected offering the property owners peace of mind the issue won't return.

Our damp basement surveyor

The surveyor said “We come across penetrating damp issues a lot across Aberdeen, especially in this case where there is a high ground level adjacent to the building. This means moisture can penetrate into the premises unless there is a protective waterproof barrier. It's a straightforward fix and helps protect the property from further issues down the line.”

Your Local Aberdeen Waterproofing Specialists

Peter Cox Scotland can provide damp proofing solutions across Aberdeen and the surrounding areas, offering solutions for rising and penetrating damp. Whether it's a solid stone building like the one located in Castlegate or another material, a thorough and professional survey will give you an understanding of your problem and any recommendations for work if required.

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