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Dry rot treatment in Fife

Peter Cox have been treating dry rot in properties in Fife for decades. Our qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians can offer the right treatment plan, the highest standard of work and a long term guarantee for complete peace of mind.

To get a flavour of what Peter Cox can do for your proerty continue reading this page for a case study detailing a dry rot treatment we did in Kirkcaldy. Alternatively, if you want one of our experts to survey your property in Fife for dry rot today then click the button below to book a survey online. 

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Dry Rot survey in Kirkcaldy, Fife

Having a suspected dry rot problem, the homeowner got in touch with Peter Cox to conduct a survey on the property located in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Starting with an external survey, the Peter Cox surveyor thoroughly examined the property, noticing a few issues included blocked air vents. Air vents are key to provide ventilation into a property, allowing airflow through subfloor areas to prevent the moisture.

Inside the property the surveyor observed clear evidence of dry rot affecting skirting boards, wall plaster, the floorboards and floor joists. Dry rot will germinate and grow when there is moisture within timber. The fine fungal threads (hypha) digests the timber which turns the timber brittle and makes it crack into cubes, known as cuboidal cracking. 

There are numerous signs of dry rot, from cuboidal cracking to the cotton wool-like white fruiting body and rust coloured dry rot spore dust.

Dry rot is fairly common across Fife and in Scotland especially along the coast, where wind driven rain can penetrate into buildings or where tiles and gutters are broken or not working properly. A source of moisture and poor ventilation can cause a dry rot outbreak and if left can lead to significant damage to both cosmetic and structural timber. Dry rot can also travel through masonry in search of timber to attack, meaning unlike wet rot it is not isolated to the area of moisture and can spread

Dry rot treatment in Kirkcaldy, Fife

Once the surveyor had assessed the property externally and internally, he provided a detailed report covering the problems found, along with recommendations for work to be carried out to repair the problem caused by the dry rot outbreak. The homeowner went ahead with the recommended treatment and booked in Peter Cox technicians to come and fix the problem. They first protected the property by using dust sheets and polythene floor protectors to minimise dust and debris in the property. 

Where the dry rot had affected masonry the plaster was hacked off, and then the affected skirting boards, timber floorboards and joists were then removed. Two new air vents were fitted to increase the sub floor ventilation before new pretreated joists with PVC membrane fitted to the ends were installed. This would prevent moisture affecting the joists and causing another fungal outbreak.

The walls were sprayed with biocidal fluid to prevent potential dry rot spores in the masonry from causing another outbreak. Remaining timbers in the treatment area are treated using fungicide fluids.

New floorboards were then fitted along with the skirting leaving the room complete, before the technicians removed the dust sheets and left the site tidy.

Fungal decay treatments carried out by Peter Cox Scotland are backed by a 20 year guarantee, helping offer the homeowner peace of mind that the problem is solved. 

Comments from our Fife dry rot surveyor

The Surveyor who conducted the survey said “dry rot is a very common problem when moisture is present along with a lack of ventilation. We come across it a lot across Fife especially when air bricks are blocked or not present. Our technicians were able to remove all the dry rot from this property meaning the affected area can once again be used without the worry of it coming back. If you think you have a dry rot problem then its essential that you get a trained professional to take a look at the problem as if left can spread and cause further damage.”

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