Basement waterproofing in detached house

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Basment waterproofing in Manchester

Whether you want to create extra space, add value to your home, or are simply sick of the damp patches in your basement converting an existing space is a straightforward job which Peter Cox can offer across Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

To get an idea of what Peter cox can do for your basement, continue reading this page for a case study detailing waterproofing design and install we did in a blockwork basement in a detached house in Machester.

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Basement survey in Manchester

The Peter Cox Manchester branch were called in to install a waterproofing system in a basement which the homeowner was using for storage. They wanted to create a new living space in the basement which not only adds more room to the property, but also can help boost the value too.

The property was a detached house with the basement built of blockwork and a concrete floor with some signs of dampness on the walls. With the room being used as habitable space, this means when the surveyor is designing the waterproofing system it needs to have absolutely no moisture penetration, with appropriate ventilation.

Waterproofing guidelines BS 8102 advises when waterproofing a property it must be assumed that even when current conditions and recent history suggest that hydrostatic pressure is not the source of ingress, this may change due to changing water tables, drains becoming blocked and heavy rain causing localised saturation. This means that when designing a waterproof system, you must assume the moisture conditions may change over time.

Based on this, the surveyor designed a waterproofing design using a cavity drain membrane system to control, divert and then remove moisture from the property. The moisture stays on the ‘wet’ side of the membrane barrier and is drained away through a drainage channel using the sump and pump. This type of system also removes the risk of hydrostatic pressure imposed on the structure.

Waterproofing Instalation

The cavity drain membrane system operates on the principle that, by allowing water to enter and be drained out of the building in a natural but controlled way, the basement will remain dry without increasing tension in the structure.

The installation process involves first the digging out of drainage channels into the concrete floor and installation of the sump pump system. Jetting points are installed to allow for maintenance of the channels.

A cavity drain membrane is then installed on all walls, using sealed plugs to maintain the waterproof surface, preventing moisture from penetrating into the ‘dry’ side of the membrane. This creates the channel on the ‘wet’ side which allows moisture to drain into the drainage system.

A waterproof floor membrane is then installed which has a greater drainage capacity and helps prevent blockages due to a build up of silt or lime. Once the waterproofing system is installed and commissioned, flooring is installed and walls are prepared to be plastered.

This system of waterproofing is backed by a 10 year guarantee, protecting your property and giving you long term peace of mind. From the survey process to design stage and installation, Peter Cox can offer you expert advice and quality installation to the highest standards.

Comments from our Manchester surveyor

The local surveyor who surveyed and drew up the plans for the waterproof system said “houses across Manchester and Chesire are converting their basements into habitable spaces not only to increase space in the house but also to add substantial value to the property. Peter Cox offer a full service from the design and specification of the basement waterproofing system, to the installation, which is then backed by a long term guarantee.”

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