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The Problem
Condensation is probably the most common form of dampness in buildings although it is frequently not immediately visible to the occupant or surveyor. In housing, condensation is largely the consequence of today’s improved standards of draught proofing, particularly when older properties have been upgraded.

Lack of adequate ventilation allied to modern occupancy lifestyles – cooking, washing and bathing – can lead to a build-up of excessive humidity and moisture, especially in areas with little air circulation.

The result can be peeling decorations, damp living conditions and unsightly mould growth (some of which may be unhealthy) especially for those with respiratory problems.

The Solution

Designed to be placed in areas of high humidity where they can work at their most efficient, the Thermo Save unit from Peter Cox can recover up to 75% of the heat that would normally be lost to the outside with conventional ‘fans’.

In our attempt to reduce carbonemissions, these units reduce heating costs through their unique Heat Exchange Unit. Warm air from the room is drawn into the fan housing and passes over a series of heat exchange tubes. At the same time, clean dry air is drawn into the fan cartridge and passes through the core of the same tubes where heat is transferred to the incoming air. Our design is innovative yet so simple and incredibly efficient. Bathrooms and Kitchens are where these units would ideally be placed. They can be used either as a replacement for an older fan which would just remove warm moist air without the ability to recover that precious heat, or as a new unit.

The fan housing can also be rotated to any position providing flexibleoptions for installing the units.