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Insectacoat – a unique treatment for varnished or painted wood

The Problem

Woodworm is a generic name for a group of beetles that complete part of their life cycle in timber and potentially, it can be found anywhere there is timber in the home, or indeed other types of buildings. Typically that could mean the roof rafters, floor joists, floor boards, skirting boards and of course any wooden furniture.
They lay their eggs on or in timber and their larvae feed upon the cellulose in the wood, boring through it to leave a network of tunnels, and so damaging and weakening the structure. Until recently if the infested wood had been painted or varnished – woodworm treatments would not work.

The Solution

The first necessary step is a professional survey from Peter Cox to locate the areas of infestation, identify accurately the species involved and determine whether it is active or not. Once an active woodworm infestation has been positively identified in painted or varnished wood a new and unique treatment can be applied.

The Insectacoat process involves 3 stages:

  • The first stage is to lightly sand back the surface area, removing the top surface of the paint or varnish to get a key. This is to make sure the insecticide penetrates the surface of the timber.
  • Then our standard woodworm fluid is applied to the surface to provide a barrier against the woodworm infestation.The fluid works in two ways. Firstly if a female lays eggs on the surface of the timber, when the larvae hatch they will ingest the preservative and die. Secondly, beetles already in the wood will ingest the preservative as they emerge out of the wood at the end of their lifecycle, killing them.
  • The final stage locks the insecticide into place by applying two coats of water based varnish over the treatment area.

Insectacoat – the only professional solution on the market that can be used to effectively treat woodworm in timbers with varnished or painted surfaces. Covered by a 20 year guarantee this quick drying water based varnish are available meaning that the final finish will match your premises. It contains an active ingredient that can only be used by a qualified technician who will also treat all cracks and fissures which must be sealed so that no new eggs can be laid. Once dry, Insectacoat solution is perfectly safe and leaves a clear semi glossed appearance.