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DryWall Thermotek masonry protection cream

When masonry gets wet, it gets cold… heat escapes more readily and is likely to create a cold building. However, you can protect your home from penetrating damp and increase the thermal efficiency of masonry with DryWall Thermotek.

With its unique colourless cream formulation, a singlecoat application will protect brick, stone and concrete from rain penetration for 20-30 years, whilst allowing the masonry to breathe and retain its original looks and features.

The problem

Wet Masonry

Wet MasonryWhen walls get wet, their thermal resistance lowers and valuable heat escapes. They become less effective at keeping heat in. The UK government has set a target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions from buildings by 2050. (Climate Change Act, 2008). Even now, a third of Britain’s housing stock has solid wall construction and this is predominantly single skin brick or stone (English House Condition Survey, 2007).

These types of walls are difficult to insulate conventionally:

  • The installation of cavity wall insulation isn’t possible
  • External insulation can be costly and unattractive
  • Internal insulation can be impractical and takes up valuable floor space

So what’s the answer?

DryWall Thermotek

DryWall Thermotek repels rain penetration and is scientifically proven to reduce heat loss in single skin masonry, with an energy saving of up to 29%*. One single coat application is all it takes.

DryWall thermotek

DryWall Thermotek is resistant to
UV light and other forms of degradation,
resulting in a life expectancy of 20-30 years

DryWall Thermotek is a colourless, breathable, insulating, water-repellent treatment for brick, concrete and stone walls. It comes in the form of a deeply penetrating cream that is applied to the wall surface using a roller or brush. Once DryWall Thermotek has been applied to the wall surface, it permeates deeply before drying to form an insulating, water-repellent barrier.

Typical applications for DryWall Thermotek include:

  • Improving the thermal resistance of masonry by keeping it dry (energy saving)
  • Improving the performance of cavity wall insulation by protecting it from moisture
  • Protecting against penetrating damp (rain penetration)

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