Woodworm larvae

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What is woodworm

Whilst most of us have heard of woodworm before, many are unsure what exactly it is. Principally it is important to recognise that woodworm is not actually a worm at all. Rather, it is the term applied to the wood-eating larvae of several types of woodworm beetle.

The pregnant female beetle will lay her eggs in the cracks or crevices of a piece of timber, and after a period of gestation the woodworm larva will emerge and burrow downwards into the wood. The larva can remain in the wood for up to 5 years burrowing through the timber and continually feeding on the cellulose in the wood. In severe cases the larvae can cause so much damage that they significantly weaken and compromise wood and timbers in the property.

Eventually a fully grown adult beetle will emerge from the wood leaving behind a tell tale exit hole as it immediately seeks a mate in order to begin the whole process over again.

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Is woodworm dangerous?

The amount of damage caused to your property by woodworm will vary greatly depending on the species of beetle involved and the type of wood they have infested. It is not uncommon for extreme cases of woodworm to inflict alarming damage that can result in extensive repair work, including removal and replacement of floorboards and joists necessary for the structural integrity of the building.

However not all signs of woodworm are necessarily a cause for concern, and even if you identify suspicious exit holes in your timber, it could very well be that these mark the site of a previous infestation that is long gone.

What to do about suspected woodworm

Should you identify any of the signs of woodworm in your property then it is highly recommended that you contact the certified professionals Peter Cox to conduct a full and thorough woodworm survey in order to identify, diagnose and treat the problem, if there is indeed an active woodworm infestation.

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