InsectaCoat Woodworm Treatment

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InsectaCoat Woodworm Treatment

InsectaCoat is our unique woodworm treatment process for varnished or painted wood.

The problem:
Woodworm is a collective term used to describe wood-boring insects that lay their eggs in wood and timbers, and can cause serious structural damage throughout their life cycle. Their attacks are varied, dependant on the type of beetle and its lifespan, so accurate identification by a surveyor is key to ensuring the correct treatment.

Once an active woodworm infestation has been positively identified our Insectacoat service for treating painted and varnished wood can commence.

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InsectaCoat Woodworm Treatment Process

The Insectacoat process involves 3 stages:

  • The first stage is to lightly sand back the surface area, removing the top surface of the paint or varnish to get a key. This is to make sure the insecticide penetrates the surface of the timber.
  • Then our standard woodworm fluid is applied to the surface to provide a barrier against the woodworm infestation.The fluid works in two ways. Firstly if a female lays eggs on the surface of the timber, when the larvae hatch they will ingest the preservative and die. Secondly, beetles already in the wood will ingest the preservative as they emerge out of the wood at the end of their lifecycle, killing them.
  • The final stage locks the insecticide into place by applying two coats of water based varnish over the treatment area.
  • Additional treatment: Where structurally necessary, heavily infested timbers will be cut away and replaced, or economically repaired by skilled joiners using resin repair techniques.
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InsectaCoat Woodworm Treatment – Features and Benefits

  • A choice of quick drying, water based varnishes are available meaning that the final finish will match your premises 
  • Our low odour, low hazard and HSE approved solution, allows treated rooms to be reoccupied just one hour after treatment has dried, minimising disruption to you 
  • Full removal of existing finish is not required, meaning that historic and heritage wood can be preserved 
  • Our 20 year guarantee offers you peace of mind

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