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Timber Repairs

Millions of properties across the UK have structural and decorative timber, and are susceptible to woodworm infestations and fungal decay. Where possible Peter Cox will retain structurally sound timber, however with severe woodworm attacks or wet and dry rot timber may need to be repaired and replaced.

The normal method of repair for timbers affected by both wet rot and dry rot is to trace the full extent of decay and cut the timbers back to sound timbers, treat the exposed sections with fungicide and then introduce new timbers to replace the rotten timber.

Beam ends embedded in masonry walls can also become degraded by fungal decay and insect infestation, but these can be repaired using a treated timber splice resin bonded with reinforcement rods.

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Timber Treatments

When structural and decorative timber is only partially decayed a paste or gel treatment is can be used. The application of fungicidal/insecticidal products to timbers in the form of a paste or gel is well established.

A special form of emulsion, which looks like a thick paste, is applied to the surface of the timber where deep penetration is required. Peter Cox Timber Gel contains a concentration of fungicide in an emulsion that is designed to deeply penetrate the timber structure.

If the timber is wet at the time of application the active ingredients diffuse rapidly into the timber to provide protection against both fungal decay and wood boring beetle.

It should be noted that, when controlling fungal decay, it is essential that steps are taken to eliminate any source(s) of moisture causing decay, in conjunction with the chemical treatments, as part of the overall specification of repairs.

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