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Signs of Wet Rot

Wet rot is a fungus that attacks timber in buildings, and is a serious form of timber decay. Wet rot can attack all kinds of timber, old or new. Wet rot occurs when there are high levels of moisture, damp or condensation in a building, combined with a lack of ventilation.

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Causes of Wet Rot

Wet rot needs high levels of moisture in a building for spores to germinate. Unlike dry rot growth will cease once moisture is removed and does not have the ability to spread. Wet rot fungi is usually found in damp basements, under floors and in skirting boards.

Sometimes it is not possible to easily distinguish between the many species of wet rot and in practice it is not really necessary because the same remedial measures are required for all of them. The most important thing is to distinguish between dry rot and wet rot.

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How to Identify Wet Rot

    • Timber darkens or lightens in colour and becomes spongy
    • Cuboidal cracking - but less pronounced than dry rot
    • Frequently associated with woodworm - especially weevil
    • Existence of damp or water ingress
    • Localised decay

If you spot any of these signs it could mean you have an outbreak of wet rot in your house. Please contact Peter Cox immediately for a professional survey and find out more about our treatments.

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