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What causes rising damp?

When it comes to what causes rising damp, the first thing we need to point out is that within the UK, more often than not, ground soil where building and homes are built will have moisture. The question is not necessarily what causes rising damp but how do we prevent this moisture from travelling through masonry pores and manifesting itself in the appearance of rising damp.

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Typical causes of rising damp

In most cases the cause of rising damp is due to moisture managing to bypass the rising damp barrier due to:

  • Deterioration or damage
  • Age
  • Human intervention bridging over the barrier
  • Properties not having any form of rising damp barrier in place

Any structure unprotected by adequately installed rising damp barrier will be susceptible to natural rising damp. Moisture from the ground travel upwards through masonry pores looking for a way for a way to evaporate before gravity takes over and draws the moisture back down again. The same effects occur when you place a brick in a shallow tray of water.

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Sometimes the rising damp barrier can remain intact, but is bridged.  In other words, the brickwork above the rising damp barrier is able to absorb moisture and bypassing the rising damp barrier. This is normally due to external factors such as the ground level being risen above the current rising damp barrier by a newly installed flowerbed or a new driveway.

As with all types of damp however,  finding the cause of the rising damp issue is the first step to treating rising damp.  

Think you might have a problem with rising damp?

Prior to contacting a rising damp specialist, take the time to understand if it is an actual rising damp issue you have.  Take a look at our what does rising damp look like and what is rising damp web pages.

These web pages should give you a good steer to understanding the type of damp problem you may have that may lead to you not having to do unnecessary and usually expensive repairs.

However, if it is the case you are sure that it is a rising damp issue that you have, click to visit our rising damp treatment web page for help, advice and professional guidance.

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If you think you have a problem with rising damp then we are happy to help. Feel free to contact our team for some friendly help and advice. Call us on 0800 633 5712, find your local branch details or contact us through our online form below.

Alternatively, if you are fairly certain that you have a rising damp issue, click to arrange a professional rising damp survey. Our fully qualified survey will be able to review and confirm if the issue is rising damp and will be able to recommend the best course of action for treatment.

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