Elecktro Osmostic used to treat against Rising damp

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Elektro osmotic damp proofing

In an ever conscious world striving for greener safer solutions, the Electro Osmotic damp proofing system is proving to be a safe choice for both a property and the environment when treating rising damp.

Installed in over 80,000 properties over the last 20 years, Electro Osmosis damp proofing has found increasing acceptance as an alternative to traditional rising damp treatments that use chemical injection, fluids and physical damp proof courses.

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How electro osmotic damp proofing works

By simply by reversing the process scientifically Elecktro+ Osmotic System provides a reversible treatment solution to fight against rising damp by changing the moisture molecules with a small electric charge.  That electrical charge is as much electricity as an electronic doorbell.

For the system to work, a series of holes are drilled into the outside brickwork close to ground level. Once complete, titanium anodes are then inserted into the drilled holes. These are then connected by a  connecting wire that is ‘pointed’ into the wall.

Once the wires and titanium anodes are connected up, a very small but perfectly safe electrical current is passed through. The effect of the positive current is to repel the rising moisture molecules down the walls and harmlessly back into the ground.

Types of property suited for electro osmotic damp proofing

Whether it is a family house, commercial property or listed building Electro Osmotic rising damp treatment is one of the cleanest and safest systems to control the effects of rising damp

Benefits of electro osmotic damp proofing

Electro Osmotic damp proofing has many benefits over traditional rising damp solutions that include:

  • Environmental friendly with green credentials
  • Chemical free
  • Solution that typically has the fastest results while
  • Minimises the impact on the property
  • Suitable for all wall types

However, one of the key benefits that Electro Osmotic damp proofing systems has is that the impact of the rising damp solution can be analysed at any time using simply electronic equipment.  

At any time our team at Peter Cox can go into any property with a Electro Osmotic damp proofing system installed and with the aid of a multi meter we can analysis how the electro osmotic damp proofing system is doing. With a traditional rising damp treatment, a destructive examination would be required to determine whether a chemical, cream or mortar system is working correctly

Through surveying the outside and inside of the property and analysisig the wall charge, current and voltage, a professional surveyor can print and build a clear picture of the effectiveness of the system allowing for the identification of any potential issues and a documented history of the Electro Osmotic rising damp treatment on the property.

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Since 1951, we have been treating against the damage occurred by rising damp using traditional chemical methods and now more commonly through the use of Electro Osmostic.

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