Dry Rot growing on interior corner wall

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What is dry rot?

In simple terms, dry rot is a timber destroying fungus that feeds on wood. This process leaves the timber in a dry and brittle state with conspicuous cuboidal cracking. This ultimately leads to degradation of the timber’s structural integrity.

Dry rot is caused when excess moisture and poor ventilation combine to produce ideal conditions for fungus to grow.  Dry rot is indiscriminate when it comes to the type of property it attacks with historic and modern architecture equally susceptible. Dry rot can often go unnoticed due to its propensity to grow in wall cavities and behind the plaster.

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The difference between dry rot and wet rot

Dry rot and wet rot are often confused, but they have very distinct differences.

Firstly, they do not look alike. Wet rot does not produce the same distinct orange/brown fruiting bodies as dry rot.

However, the main difference between wet rot and dry rot is that dry rot requires far less moisture to germinate and start attacking timber. Dry rot can also spread over a much larger area. It is able to navigate through the masonry and brickwork in search of fresh timber to decay and can affect adjoining properties as a result.

The earlier you can identify dry rot the better as this will usually reduce the time and financial costs of treatment.

Dry rot next steps

Dry rot is one of the most severe property problems in term of the damage it can cause. For this reason it is imperative to treat the issue as quickly as possible upon identification. Left untreated, dry rot will continue and germinate, grow and feed off the timber in your property. This will inevitably compromise the structural integrity of the property.

If you believe you have identified dry rot in your property, or even suspect it might be an issue, then do not delay in speaking to a qualified dry rot expert.

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Dry rot treatment

Peter Cox have been administering effective dry rot treatment since 1951 and our surveyors are among the most highly trained, qualified and experienced in the industry. We are so confident in the success of our dry rot treatments that they come with a 20-Year dry rot guarantee as standard, giving you peace of mind long after the treatment has taken place.

Click the links below to find out out how a dry rot professional from your local branch of Peter Cox could solve the dry rot in your property. Alternatively, contact the dry rot treatment professionals at Peter Cox on 0800 633 5712 or contact us using our online contact form.

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