damaged wooden floorboards and stairs caused by Dry Rot

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Dry rot pictures

Our expert team of surveyors and technicians took the pictures of dry rot below. These pictures show dry rot at various stages of its life cycle and show the damage it can cause to properties.

Dry rot is one of the most severe problems a property can suffer from, so if the photographs below lead you to believe that your property is suffering from dry rot then it is imperative that you book a dry rot survey as soon as possible. If your property has dry rot our qualified and experienced professionals will be able to develop a bespoke dry rot treatment programme for you.

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Dry rot spore dust pictures

Dry rot spore dust

Dry rot mycellium pictures

Dry rot mycelium

Dry rot fruiting body pictures

Dry rot fruiting body

Dry rot pictures

Dry rot

What is dry rot

Dry rot is a wood-rotting fungus that destroys timber. It occurs when common spores in the atmosphere combine with excess moisture to germinate and grow. It can seriously affect the structural integrity of a property by damaging beams, joists and floorboards.

What is dry rot

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Dry rot FAQ

Frequently asked dry rot questions answered.

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Dry rot causes

Find out what are the main causes of dry rot problems

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