What is damp proofing

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What is damp proofing

Our surveyors are often asked, “What is exactly is damp proofing?” Sadly, there is no quick and easy answer to this as “damp proofing” is a non-specific term used to describe an extensive range of treatments and solutions for damp problems that can affect any property. 

That said, when most people talk about “damp proofing” they are usually referring to specific type of damp proofing known as a damp proof course.  This is a type of waterproofing for walls where a barrier is placed in a wall to prevent rising damp.

Why do properties need damp proofing?

Professional damp proofing treatments are a long-term solution to damages caused by moisture ingress. Extensive exposure to excess moisture can cause a number of problems for properties including timber decay and structural damage. By preventing outbreaks of penetrating damp, dry rot, wet rot etc… Damp proofing will make sure your property is a safe and healthy place to live for years to come.

How do I know if my property needs damp proofing?

Since the 1920’s, most new buildings that have been constructed in the UK usually have a damp proof course is usually fitted. This is to stop rising damp from the ground. If you property is relatively modern and you are noticing damp tide marks on the lower half of your wall, or white salt marks damaging your paint or wallpaper, then it is likely that your damp proof course is failing or damaged.

Other damp problems like condensation and penetrating damp can affect your property regardless of a working damp proof course, and if you notice damp patches or black mould further up the wall or on the second floor then you may require alternative damp proofing treatments for these conditions.

For a detailed understanding of the various damp problems that can affect a property, visit our types of damp webpage for more insight.

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