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Damp Proofing in Aberdeen

Peter Cox are trained to the highest standard to provide property preservation services to both homeowners and commercial property owners.

We help to fix a range of problems caused by the likes of damp, woodworm and rot.

If your property is in need of repair and preservation, take a look at our services to find out how we can help, or alternatively you can get in touch and speak to one of our experts.

Damp Proofing
Damp Proofing
Dry Rot Solutions
Dry Rot Solutions
Woodworm Treatment
Woodworm Treatment
Basement Waterproofing
Basement Waterproofing

Property Preservation Services in Aberdeen

Our highly trained specialists have been working in the east of Scotland for over 25 years, addressing damp problems for a vast range of housing types and other properties as well as providing property insurance, professional woodworm treatment and other preservation services across the region.

We know seagulls can become a real problem, especially in coastal towns and cities. A city like Aberdeen, with its Victorian architecture – ideal for roosting – and an abundance of feeding opportunities can offer these birds an easy living but Peter Cox are on hand to offer our bird control services to help keep those nuisance birds at bay.

Although Aberdeenshire is significantly drier than much of Scotland (due to being located on the lee side of the Grampian mountains), Aberdeen is still one of the coldest cities in the UK. This may result in properties in the area becoming even more susceptible to condensation problems such as rising damp whilst the wetter areas may be subject to penetrating damp.  Failing to deal with dampness can lead to dry rot, wet rot and possibly woodworm.

With such a wide area from the Borders, the capital in Edinburgh, the granite city of Aberdeen and the Highlands, we cover a vast range of housing types and other properties.

Our case history files have projects from all over the region, and includes work on the Register House and Quartermile in Edinburgh, Glenmuick in Ballater plus social housing stock repairs in Dundee, Fife and the Borders.

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I just felt that it was fantastic from start to finish – the work was spot on, I am very pleased. – Martin Duffy

Seemingly hewn from the landscape on which it stands, Aberdeen is known as “The Granite City” with good cause. Much of the original city is fashioned from that shimmering rock that, against brooding grey storm clouds, seems to merge with the sky itself.

Situated between two river mouths, the Dee and the Don, Aberdeen gazes out across the North Sea to where the riches that have made the city the powerhouse of the northeast are pumped up from the seabed.

Along the coast, Aberdeen has a long sand beach stretching between the two rivers which forms sand dunes north of the Don stretching as far as Fraserburgh; to the south of the Dee jagged cliffs rise over coarse shingle beaches. A number of large granite outcrops along south coast show signs of having been quarried in the past, making for majestic views.