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Fast Flood Restoration Service

The aftermath of serious flooding can have long-lasting damage on properties and in-turn cause harm to health and wellbeing. At Peter Cox we can’t prevent flooding, but what we can offer is our fast flood restoration service – a one-stop shop to help beleaguered homeowners return their property to it’s former glory. At Peter Cox we put all of our property preservation expertise to good use to ensure our flood restoration service is professional, efficient and effective.

What’s included with Peter Cox’s Flood Restoration Service?

  • Sanitise all areas of the property affected by foul/black water
  • Stripping and drying out of the property
  • Apply treatment to affected areas (for example, new skirting boards and new electrics)
  • Assess whether a new damp proof course is needed, and install where necessary
  • Assess the need for Basement Waterproofing, and install where necessary
  • Repointing in vulnerable areas with waterproof mortar
  • Apply treatment/replace timbers to guard against dry rot/fungal decay
  • Improve the water repellency of external brickwork

Preventing further damage

Peter Cox DryWall Thermotek is used in conjunction with our mortar treatment to increase the flood resistance of masonry, making it particularly effective at repelling flash floods. Once applied to a wall surface, it permeates deeply before curing to form a water-repellent barrier. Though this isn’t a full flood protection system, it will help reduce the amount of flood water that is able to pass through masonry and is particularly effective when used alongside a full Cavity Drain Waterproofing system.

Our Expertise

Peter Cox work in conjunction with insurers and loss adjusters, so our customers can be assured they’re receiving a trustworthy, professional service. In addition to having attained status as a trusted company, we’ve also got 60 years of property preservation experience in local communities nationwide.

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