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House problems condensation or rising damp?

How can I tell if the house has condensation problems or it is rising damp ?

Rising damp is a specific ground floor condition manifesting itselfÿon outside walls (although it can also affect some interior walls)ÿstarting at the skirting boards andÿrising up to no more thanÿ1 metreÿabove the floor level. It also has a tendency to peak at the corners of the wall.
Condensation on the other hand can arise anywhere in the property where the right atmospheric conditions prevail dependent onÿtemperature, humidity and insulation.
The tricky problem however is deciding between rising damp and condensation as the cause of ground floor wall dampnessÿand, sadly, rising damp is incorrectly diagnosed all too often. This is where the skills of a trained and qualified (CSRT) surveyor areÿneeded because the two conditions have very different moisture profiles.

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