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Damp patch on conservatory brickwork

Our house was built in 1971 and a conservatory added 10 years later. We have now noticed above the conservatory there is a huge patch of brickwork which never dries out. I don’t know how long because an observant neighbour informed us. What can it be? There is no sign of anything inside the house.

It's unlikely to be anything to do with the conservatory as this isÿnearly 30 years old.ÿIt sounds more like a failure in the main house guttering or perhaps a leaking downpipe. Even so it's surprising that it never dries out but possibly it's a north or east facing elevation or otherwise sheltered from drying sun and wind.ÿ
The best advice is to carry outÿsome rudimentary observation and detective workÿover the next few monthsÿ- this should start toÿreveal the answer to the conundrum.ÿ
The fact that nothing is visible on the inside proves the value of modern cavity wall construction.ÿÿ

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