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Damp patch on wall below bay window, is this rising damp?

I have a damp patch on the wallpaper below a bay window in my front room. The space beneath seems to be hollow. Is this likely to be due to poorly sealed windows, to genuine rising damp or to something else? Thank you.

Bay windows frequently suffer damp problems, so your description will sound quite familiar to a specialsit damp surveyor.
If the dampness isÿan isolated patch just below the window cill, then the likelihood is that it's condensation. This isÿquite common in a projecting bay where cold spots can form readily.
However if the dampness starts at skirting board level, it needs examining for the possibility of rising damp.
The other possibility with window bays is penetrating damp as often the brickwork is single skin rather than cavity construction, so you need to check the pointing, the window cill drips and the general sealing between the timber and masonry.

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