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Commercial Damp Proofing

Just as homes can suffer from damp problems, rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation can have severe consequences for a commercial property. It is important to detect and eliminate damp problems in a commercial property sooner rather than later, as damage to your building may result in lengthy repair work having to take place, which could severely impact on business. Peter Cox have over five decades’ experience in conducting damp proofing work on commercial properties across the UK – and with the help of our commercial damp proofing specialists, you can protect your business from the effects of damp.

What is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is a process taken to ensure that rising damp and penetrating damp cannot pass through the walls of a property and affect the interior. Your Peter Cox commercial damp proofing expert will apply our DryWall+ damp proofing cream to cure rising dampness. Our Thermotek masonry cream can be applied externally which not only protects against damp, but can also yield a total energy saving of 29% through heat retention when applied to single-skin walls. Using Peter Cox’s damp proofing services can also eliminate the possibility of future damp-related problems such as wet rot, dry rot, woodworm and mould.

Why Does My Property Need Damp Proofing?

commercial damp proofingDamp and moisture in a commercial property could affect structural timber and rust or corrode nails, screws, steel and iron fittings, meaning lengthy repair work could be necessary. This could result in the loss of business should you have to close down or leave your premises whilst the work takes place. Utilising the services of a Peter Cox damp proofing expert will minimise the chances of such an event occurring.

There are a number of possible sources of damp, including:

  • Rising damp
  • Penetrating damp
  • Condensation
  • Leaks in roofs, windows and doors
  • An incorrect replastering specification
  • Faulty guttering and drainage
  • Failure of an existing damp proofing system

How to Start Damp Proofing Your Commercial Property

The first step necessary is to contact Peter Cox. We will send a specialist damp proofing surveyor to the property, who will inspect the property and advise on the best course of action.

Where damp is detected, Peter Cox will begin their damp proofing treatment, installing a remedial damp proof course using their DryWall+ silane diffusion system, the very latest in damp proofing technology. This sees the introduction into the wall of a thixotropic silane damp proofing cream, which forms a barrier against rising damp. As the cream diffuses, the silane vapour released reacts with the silica in the masonry, forming a water-repellent resin.

Why Choose Peter Cox’ s DryWall damp proof course?

Using Peter Cox’s DryWall damp proof course for your commercial property yields a number of benefits not present in alternative damp proofing treatments:

  • Low hazard, solvent-free, and non-caustic
  • Odourless
  • Non-flammable
  • It works on walls of any kind – internal or external; brick or stone; thick or thin
  • Can be used on 280mm cavity brick walls
  • Carries an Agreement Certificate No 02/3976

Peter Cox’s DryWall damp proofing treatment is affordable, money-saving and eco-friendly; the amount of heat lost outside a property is greatly reduced when damp is eliminated, thus saving your company energy and money.

To book a Peter Cox commercial damp proofing survey from one of our commercial damp proofing specialists, fill in the form on the right of the page or head to our contact us page.

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