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Commercial Condensation Control

What is Condensation?

Loft unit extraction fan

Loft unit extraction fan

Lack of adequate ventilation and modern occupancy styles can lead to a build up of excessive humidity and moisture – condensation. Condensation is the perhaps the most common form of dampness in buildings and can lead to peeling décor, unhealthy living and working conditions and potentially hazardous mould growth.

The resulting poor indoor air quality can lead to serious health issues for asthma and allergy sufferers and those with breathing difficulties.

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signs of condensation

For social and private landlords as well as public authorities and housing associations, condensation can be easy to diagnose and detect. Any of these signs in your properties, may indicate you have a condensation problem:

    • If tenants notice water droplets on windows or walls
    • Complaints about mould on walls, curtains, carpets, bathroom tiles and window sills (this is often a sign of a serious condensation issue)
    • Decaying window frames, particularly stained and wet corners
    • Damp walls and peeling wallpaper
    • Reports of musty / damp smells around the property
    • Spots of black mould on walls. Note: Black mould is hazardous to health and if spotted you should contact experts such as Peter Cox immediately.

Have you detected signs and symptoms of condensation? If so, contact your local Peter Cox branch on 0808 159 6929 or fill out a contact form to arrange for a survey and to find out about our innovative solutions to reduce and protect against condensation.

How Peter Cox can help

In conjunction with leading ventilation specialists EnviroVent, we recommend four methods of mitigating the problem. Our DryAir Ventilation and Extractor fans are suitable for homeowners and social housing, whilst products such as Warmerwall and Mould Clear can address issues in residential, commercial and industrial premises.

fresh filtered air

Fresh filtered air is circulated round the whole house

DryAir Ventilation System
This system draws in fresh filtered air from outside and creates a positive pressure to circulate it gently around the property and displace stale contaminated air. This reduces humidity, cures condensation and eradicates mould growth.

The sophisticated ventilation units are either mounted in the loft or for flats and apartments in the central hallway. They quietly ventilate the whole house and improve air quality with very low running costs.



Extractor Fans
condensation wall unitIdeal for high humidity locations, these filterless extract fans are small enough for the bathroom but have more than enough power for kitchens. These units are now the first choice for housing associations and will evacuate moisture laden air to the outside quickly and efficiently.


Available to everyone is our fantastic, innovative solution to condensation problems – Warmerwall. Warmerwall is an anti-condensation paint that’s applied to walls just like an ordinary emulsion, but has the added benefit of Glass Bubble Technology. The glass bubbles provide a thermos-like barrier using the warmer temperatures inside living spaces to insulate walls and prevent condensation from forming on the usual cold wall surface.


Just like Warmerwall, MouldClear is available to everyone; landlords, tenants, office managers and other commercial customers. MouldClear is biodegradable and comes in the form of a trigger spray that when directly applied to affected areas/surfaces clears away mould. Simply spray the affected area, rub in with a sponge, leave for 30 minutes, then wash away with soapy water.

If you’d like to find out more about our innovative solutions, contact your local Peter Cox branch for free on 0808 159 6929 or fill out a contact form to arrange for a damp survey and to find out about our innovative solutions to remove and protect against condensation.

what can you do to stop condensation?

There are steps you can take yourself to try and lessen condensation, and in minor cases they might be the best plan of action. Here are some steps you can take to prevent condensation from forming in the home:

      1. peter-cox-condensation-tipsEnsure there is sufficient ventilation throughout the property, open windows on a daily basis
      2. Install a wall vent inside bathroom/shower rooms, or open a small window


      1. Only dry clothes in well ventilated rooms


      1. Move furniture away from walls, especially in humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and en-suite bedrooms


      1. Have airbricks placed in outside walls, and keep existing airbricks free from blockages


      1. Try and maintain a constant temperature in your home – the sudden changes cause saturation in the air