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Commercial Bird Fouling Removal

Apart from the unsightly mess, it’s important to remove bird fouling because:

  • Accumulated bird fouling can transmit disease which in serious cases can be fatal
  • It presents a slip hazard when wet, so litigation might arise
  • It contains high acidity levels which erodes masonry
  • Rainwater systems become clogged and provoke damaging water ingress
  • Roofs have been known to collapse under the weight of fouling
  • Fire escapes can become unusable, possibly leading to closure orders by Fire Officers
  • It detracts from the natural aesthetics of buildings and can discourage customers where food is present

How we do it

This is not a job for the untrained or the unprepared and should only be carried out by specialists who understand the risks, are fully trained and also equipped with all the necessary PPE.

Full precautions are taken in case the fouling is contaminated. Before removal, the fouling is doused in a biocidal solution that will nullify the effects of any diseases and neutralise the faeces. Waste matter is placed in sealed containers for safe removal from site.

Any bird related insect activity, (bird fleas or mites for instance), will be treated with a residual insecticide, where deemed necessary.

The service from Peter Cox includes COSHH and Risk Assessments, detailed Method Statements and Specifications plus full compliance with transport and waste disposal regulations.

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