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Commercial Bird Deterrence

no-perch-logoFor property owners bird control can be very difficult, especially in concentrated urban populations.

Without effective bird control, birds can cause a variety of problems, including:

  • Damage to buildings – (including blockage of rainwater systems)
  • Property defacement – (especially architectural features)
  • Health hazards – (from bird diseases such as ornithosis, cryptococcosis)
  • Accident hazards – (people could slip on droppings or guano)
  • Personal safety hazards
  • Increased Maintenance Costs
  • Loss of goodwill

Effective Solutions by Peter Cox

These systems are designed to be effective but unobtrusive:

bird control nettingNetting
UV resistant polyethylene netting in a choice of colour used to deny birds access to areas such as lightwells, porticos, roofs and other roosting points.



bird control spring wire

Spring Wire Installations
Stainless steel posts and spring tensioned wire in one or more rows to prevent birds from landing on cills, cornices and ledges.



Spike Systemsbirds-flying
Another perching deterrent using stainless steel rods in single or multiple spine configurations mounted on polycarbonate bases. Highly flexible for installation, even on light fittings and signs.

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