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Woodworm Control From Peter Cox

A woodworm infestation in the home can cause serious damage to structural and decorative timber. Woodworm treatment services from Peter Cox’s woodworm specialists ensure that woodworm damage to property is minimised and the risk of future woodworm attacks is curtailed.

There are a number of different species of woodworm, which attack different kinds of timber and need different conditions in which to breed. Whichever type of woodworm is attacking your property, however, the effects are the same – woodworm larvae boring through your timber, potentially causing vast amounts of damage and weakening the structure.

Woodworm Identification and Extermination

Bore HolesWoodworm treatment from Peter Cox woodworm specialists is a three-step process:

  1. Our experts must complete a woodworm survey to assess the affected areas and the type of woodworm infestation affecting your property.
  2. This may necessitate the lifting of floorboards or roof insulation and the cleaning of dust or debris.
  3. We then apply an insecticidal formula to the wood which eliminates the insects on contact as they pass through the timber. This method of woodworm treatment allows the homeowner to reoccupy the room after just one hour. Our water-based formula is generally applied by spray but can also be applied by brush or injection in gel or paste formulations.

Timber Repairs

We may deem it necessary to remove and replace severely infested timbers as part of the woodworm treatment. For more information on our timber replacement methods, see our timber repairs page.

To find out more about woodworm and the conditions in which it thrives, see our woodworm identification and damp timber and woodworm pages.

To book a woodworm survey, fill in the form on the right of the page or visit our contact page.

I'm writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude to your office and surveying staff. I contacted Peter Cox having been visited by another company who had told me, without even looking around the house, we had rising damp and penetrating damp. At his visit your surveyor confirmed the problem is condensation and this saved us from paying out nearly £1800 on damp proofing we simply did not need. His advice on managing condensation is invaluable and we are going to consider the loft mounted ventilation fan option. Thanks again to your staff for their honesty and integrity.

C Morrell, Harborne, Birmingham